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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 17, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> but, we'll see you tomorrow night.
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>> richard trumka saying that they had this right wing idolatry that has nothing to do with how the stakeholders decide for themselves the best way to build automobiles. tennessee, of course, is a right to work state and employees can't be compelled. they need to keep their jobs and workers rejected both the union and volkswagen management that supported the union. the coworker has attracted manufacturing jobs from all across the country. home to the plan along with nissan and general motors and
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alabama has plants operated by mercedes-benz and hyundai. and tech this has a strong automotive presence. ten of the 24 right to work states have manufacturing plants. accounting for over 80,000 manufacturing jobs. a number that grows to half a million and that number in direct contrast with the 83,000 automobile manufacturing jobs lost in michigan and michigan alone in the run-up to the recession. fewer than 10,000 of those jobs have returned. and now to the 19 us-based foreign auto manufacturing plants. only one is unionize. and it's not just the automobile industry. they are dismissing organized labor. the private sector workforce
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belongs to union. a union. that is the lowest level since 1960 in. my first guest says that it is a major victory for workers and the united auto workers union who work together to unionize it and we have the most powerful organized union foundation and joins us tonight from washington. all right. first, this question has to be foremost in the mind. so why would they work to unionize their plan? >> no, that is a great question. we think that unions are part and parcel of the management structure. working with unions and they
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mentioned that that is important to them. here they are allowing us to germany. >> the vote was decisive. it was 712626 with the union with 90% participation and what does that say to you? sumac important thing to remember and they claimed that they had a majority to base on the claim in chattanooga. volkswagen is almost ready to do that until the courageous employees that work there stood up and said wait a minute. and we found those and they had
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a signature by 611 of their employees and this went away when something you've been talking about as well as with other things. 53% said no. >> every part of this with every endeavor and certainly a contrast between the unions and businesses well. let me ask you this. if the starting pay is actually higher than that guaranteed by the united auto workers union over a three-year period of time. >> absolutely. the contents of this set you stay out of this and we will take it from here.
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it indicated that the uaw union officials were willing to give up some of these privileges saying that we won't negotiate for higher wages. and when we signing up for air. >> the next stage and it will be deciding the case here in the outcome of this election and i am that that is almost part of it that you would go there and that this would be decided. is that right next to i think what will happen is mr. richard trumka, they are down in houston right now. and they are trying to stake out their strategy might be. i would say that they would go and file election objections.
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>> what you think will be the next contrast between the two in your organization organized labor in this country? what is the next battlefield? >> well, you know, we have lots of work to do and we have 263 cases currently pending on behalf of employees in cases like this. he would've used this ending up in the nissan plant. and i think the trajectory has been stalled by the statement in the voices of these workers. lou: we appreciate it the obama administration ramping up the rhetoric again. against climate change. >> climate change cannot be considered another weapon of
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mass instruction. >> a strong start. members of the mainstream media taking their cues from the white house. the climate changed debate between bill --minus-sign sky and marsha blackburn. >> there is not consensus there. >> you can't really say that their hundreds of scientists who have gone together to conspire and manipulate the data. >> with all due respect, he should perhaps be reading "the new york times" today and i'm sure he always does. in which they point out that the administration is going well beyond the boundary of consensus to push their agenda on climate
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change. and americans were asked to list their recent priorities for the president and congress dealing with climate change which is a this includes terrorism. the acting director announcing his resignation given that he has no law enforcement experience. but then he does less on enforcement these days. a recent gallup poll shows that he is one of the lowest rated presidents of modern times and this includes richard nixon.
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president john f. kennedy, the highest rated, although we are partial to president reagan and president eisenhower. we're coming right back. >> the congressional budget office acknowledges that obamacare is a massive difference in up to work. meet the scholar who expose the biggest law and president obama's health care program. chicago economics professor casey mulligan with us next. ♪ no two peoplhave the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand your
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forbes had the electronic army take credit for the attack that compromises user data and posting a fake story. my next guest exposes obamacare is against the law. he said it could be even worse when the congressional budget office has projected. i'm joined by case he mulligan, professor at the university of chicago and author of the book, the redistribution recession. good to have you with us. congratulations on your work. your important work for the public policy debate that we are going through right now. and you believe this could be worse than the cbo has projected in terms of the number of people who will not be providing labor for the workforce. how so. >> well, i think that it is a little bit hard to understand a reporter. they don't have all the
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technical details. but what i can tell is that they left out a few disincentives and they've included a number of them. and we are still learning about these things. and we will realize that the distortions are bigger than we ever thought. >> you talk about this is a massive disincentive to work, which in and of it self is deeply troubling for everyone. you also argue that obamacare raises the marginal tax rates on income and reduces the rewards for working more hours trade and we also know that there are more taxes and we don't know the full extent of the taxes that are going to result from obamacare at this point. is that correct? >> yes, that is correct. one thing we recognize in
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economics is that there are a lot more taxes than the politicians say it doesn't matter whether you asked people and either way the government is making more money off of the people that are working more and earning more. that amount is taxation. even though it as a legal matter a lot of the programs appear on the spending side of the budget and not on the tax side. >> we are looking at this and he is referring to the stimulus now that it created, which i thought was an astounding statement today. to say that the stimulus amounted to this savior created, and i love that expression as well. it's million job your spirit can help us throughout?
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>> the stimulus was full of assistance for low income and unemployed people. and as americans we like to help people. so that is good. and unambiguous side effect of helping people with people with low incomes is that you get more people of low incomes. and that is what the stimulus did. as a result and because of the stimulus we can feel good that we helped people, but we have to recognize that we made this last longer and people. >> the loss of those jobs that were in place before the reception, economic growth is as well. and we still have, it seems, and
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we are hanging on the cost of this is the fed makes to many more mistakes or a greater fiscal policy mistake. give us your best outlook is whether or not we will see what will be the fate of the affordable care act and the economy. and we will talk about this in terms of the economy over the next few years. >> i thought about this and i am wondering about it. >> i understand. one part of it that will not last as the employer mandate. the reason i say that is because states have played with those mandates and they just can't have those political whims
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against them. >> twice delayed by the administration? >> yes, that's a common pattern at the state level. and the assistance for health insurance, the reason i say that is because we can continue to assist people in buying health insurance and selecting some kind of assistance for people who are unemployed with low incomes will continue to be there. so these incentives are here for years to come. >> thank you so much. thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> a medical breakthrough were a surgeon successfully implanted a 3-d printed pelvis 3-d printing
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>> thousands of antigovernment demonstrators taking to the streets in venezuela capital city over the weekend. protesting rampant crime, basic goods and the government. inflation and depreciation in argentina gripping citizens there. economists say that argentina is dealing with what has been a century of economic decline. and the syrians east talks have broken down an iran says that nuclear talks are going nowhere at the united nations on the issue of human rights violation and secretary of state john kerry saying climate change is perhaps the words most fearsome
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weapon. joining us now is colonel ralph peters. it's good to have you with us. >> hello. lou: john kerry weighing in in negotiations in the middle east and europe and asia to hold forth on climate change. what are your reactions? >> like to don't like to talk about climate change. i like to talk about good old-fashioned pollution. which just plain is a weapon of mass distraction. hundreds of thousands don't have saved drinking water. people are dying literally because of pollution. nonetheless we do have environmental problems.
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>> what you call pollution in business and what they have achieved in this country, for example, is a remarkable thing that they were forced into the clean water and clean air act. but we are talking about a different element when we talk about global warming and climate change. which has become almost a personal belief system for thousands of people. it's about empirical testing. >> you agree? >> no, i do not.
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whether it's for the left or the right never helps in solving problems and 50 years after this, they are still fighting to clean it up with a great deal of success in many cases. so mine is let's be sensible and bankrupt -- not bankrupt the big corporations. none of us want to go back in the 1950s. lou: there's a lot going on with the destructive forest in north korea. what is that about the mac's.
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>> it is about him and his father and his grandfather. unfortunately the u.n. report, the tragic 50 or 60 years of human rights violations in north korea. it's really about the u.n. making itself so good. because it's not going to change anything and no one's going to act on it. you can draw the conclusions that you want. but unless you're willing to do something about it, it's another part of the ice cream cone. lou: turning very quickly to a brand. the nuclear discussions, what are your reactions? you remember the iranians, he said thisremember the iranians,e
7:28 pm
said this to try to bring pressure on the obama administration and he desperately wants a deal to offer more concessions. in the iranians really good at negotiations and so then you have the real war in the middle east. because israel cannot and should not deal with this when ron continues to call for this on the destruction of israel.
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>> ralph peters, always good to have you with us. and coming up next, the obama economy. the white house going over the result of that stimulus program we will have that next. >> two members of the gop establishment telling fellow republicans to lay off. if hillary runs in 2016. we will find out what her political director at rawlinson the tea party network has to dig about it all. we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? $500,000. maybe half-million. say a million dollars. [ dan ] then we gave eacherson a ribbon to show how ma years that amount might last.
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and i don't think that is hillary clinton's visit to explain. >> does that have any traction in 2016? >> well, it may. but the trouble for republicans is going to be it's harder to say what you are for. lou: well, i was watching on.
7:34 pm
>> they are running any kind of campaign that they want to. and they are being very formidable and what they did in the white house is certainly up for grabs and will be defined just as where the candidate is, and what they find also. lou: she was associated with the clinton administration.
7:35 pm
but they have their own career and their own public service record. >> this is something that will and we haven't made this point because they are extremely popular amongst the democrats and it should give us enough to run against her and they are talking to them like the republican party. >> talking to them like they are children and they are actually offering good advice.
7:36 pm
even if they are being truthful. anything they do, they are going to be a part of it. rematches don't make an assumption that the only thing they will go after this is what he did or didn't do in the white house. and i think that she was an active part in a record in the senate of 80 years. there's a lot that's going to come out in the course of the campaign. my extent is the media will go after them the next couple of years. and it's just absurd at this point in time. >> if you go with the tea party version, it's not like you don't look at the record or the white house. look at her record as secretary of state. just don't bring up this sunday corruption of her husband.
7:37 pm
and those issues are going to be out there. lou: you are making a good point on this. with the establishment or something like the tea party. because we have great respect for karl rove and for mitt romney as well. but here's the reality. they have lost. and it's time for new energy and new faces. and that includes lindsey graham and kelly ayotte wearing out her welcome and they are going to deal with all of the challenges facing this country.
7:38 pm
>> and that is the issue, we have this that is diverse in the least. and we are trying to get this as well. and we have the republican party and the tea party is in a very critical part and they are not with us. and this is the tea party and because we are in america. and the fact is that john
7:39 pm
boehner was saved by the democratic caucus and the tea party, and i'm going to include in this it would've driven him right into the ditch. you disagree? >> we would have spent the next three weeks. >> what we are due as a part of it. and i do believe that it is a good thing. >> the tea party is too smart for that. when you look at the polls we look at the results and i have to tell you.
7:40 pm
>> both times we have gotten clobbered with the midterm. and they actually say this in 2010 and had the same opportunity and we had this nonsense that some of the folks in leadership are taking on. and you can talk about this establishment. >> you get the last word here. >> at the end of the day we all need to work together with the republican senate and then we can do whatever we can particularly with obamacare and professor mulligan from the
7:41 pm
university of chicago and difficulties with obamacare and some very important thoughts on that. as always. thank you both so much. soon we are suffering from a nationwide clown shortage, folks. and we have talked about those older clowns that are dying and no one wants to compete with them in washington. and not next, the dow jones industrial is back to 16,000. and fears are being a bit part of this that report is not so stay with us.
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lou: a short week for the market close today. and it's good to have you here. we have a good news day in the market. where are we headed here? we were talking about corrections. >> market had gone in an extended period and we have this from time to time. the dow jones is up 75 points.
7:46 pm
as if it is behind us. and the markets outside, including china, it's all part of it. >> you and i have talked about it over the years. but my guess would be that given that it's in place in here, one of the things is very important. ever since 2008, a lot of people watching the program said never again. >> i remember that differently than you are. to describe forecasting the market.
7:47 pm
and there is a very nervous had dubbed it sounds very much a part of this. and this includes very low inflation and people around the world. we have some growth coming out of europe and some coming out of japan over this. and companies are still making more money as well. >> and that is a good thing. >> it is good for stocks and we have the valuations because people are taking this pretty
7:48 pm
low. lou: pretty low, reasonably priced. and that's very important for people that take a good look at dividends in cash dividends yielding much more than bonds and this includes intel, apple, @%crosoft, paying big fat cash dividends to go up faster than inflation. lou: michael, it's great to have you with us. i'm losing my voice here. we will get it back. be sure to join me for this coast-to-coast for all the biggest market and business news and development.
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and the lego movie dominating at the box office for a second straight weekend. he raked in another $50 million for warner bros. over the wording holiday weekend. $21.7 million. and the white house today celebrating the fifth anniversary of the near trillion dollar stimulus bill. it's nothing to brag about. and your e-mails and facebook post. tweets straight ahead. you don't want to miss that. i guarantee it. stay with us. in t new new york,
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lou: a few words today. today marking the fifth anniversary of president obama's whining to $800 billion stimulus they'll. the white house elevated with a 70 page report today and put out a blog post touting how the stimulus help avoid a second great depression. so little is known about the dynamics of our economic condition now and the influence of the massive role of the federal reserve but it's far too early for anyone. especially the wayward economic analysts and forecasters and the feminist ration to say that we have this effect, fiscal effect of stimulus.
7:54 pm
the gdp is going to grow 2.2%. the labor force participation rate remains at historically low levels, more than three decade low. job creation still can't keep up with the population growth in this remains a very real concern for all of us. treasury secretary lawrence summers is concerned as we all are about income and holiday, arguing in this amount like to offer a few incremental steps that could help. including the level of business investment and straight away.
7:55 pm
secondly should incentivize big business to repatriate the middle-class jobs achieve overseas labor markets. returning them to this country. and repatriate the trillions of dollars that corporate america has sparked an overseas institutions as they work to avoid tax consequences. and that just needs to be put back to work here at home. and i would ask them to bring the ceos of the largest companies together. to seek to avoid burden shifting from big business to the middle-class. to the working men and women and to those who desperately need the jobs that have been created already and would be created as a result of these incremental steps. so let's take a look at a few of your thoughts tonight.
7:56 pm
why would any thinking human want to do to tennessee with the uaw and the democrats did to detroit? that is a trivia question. and mike in texas e-mailed about president obama saying that i could be wrong but hasn't changed to protect the democratic party from all enemies foreign and domestic? david wrote me about the love affair and said you were absolutely right on o'reilly last week and nbc went out of their way to throw kisses on mr. vladimir putin. i'm tired of having this and they didn't have to pander so convinced only. although they did so energetically and i'm not sure it was under the conviction. thank you for the thought. keep them coming. e-mail me at and follow u facebook page and we have links to everything at
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we cstantly evolve to meet your needs every day of the week.
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lebrate charles: taxpayers 70 celebrate. welcome, everybody. i'm charles n. fort neil cavuto. five years ago and then the president signed an $800 billion stimulus bill into law. rummer when he said this about it. >> today does mark the beginning of the end. the beginning of what we need to do to create jobs. the beginning of the first steps to set our economy on of firmer foundation.


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